Explore The Old Berkeley Pier

November 15, 2017
Category: Tourist Attractions

Among the tourist attractions around the San Francisco Bay, one that is overlooked is the Old Berkeley Pier. The Berkeley Pier is one of the longest piers in California and is steeped in Bay Area history.

Explore the Old Berkeley Pier

The Berkeley Pier was originally constructed in 1926 by the Golden Gate Ferry Company. Then the pier extended 3.5 miles and was used to ferry cars across the bay to San Francisco. When ferries lost popularity due to the Bay Bridge opening, this once lively pier was abandoned and left to decay. Today, the pier extends approximately 2.5 miles and is open to the public.

One mile of land from the original pier was filled in to create the popular Berkeley Marina, and the pier now offers visitors and fishing enthusiast a prime location for sports fishing without a license. The Berkeley Pier serves as a reminder of the earliest urban settlements in Berkeley when goods and people were transported mainly by ferry service. After the Bay Bridge was opened to automobile traffic in 1936 the pier transitioned into a recreational landmark.

Fishing on the Berkeley pier is popular with locals. And in the tradition of Berkeley being somewhat of an artist colony, the pier is marked by a 17-foot sundial and an original Fredric Fierstein statue of a hunter at the foot of the pier.

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